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Smiley images and its Code Just Putt in Chat Room and Enjoy:-

Icon Text Icon Text
:oh :cup
:think rj
🙂 :dance5
🙁 :dance4
:angry :dance3
:cry :dance2
:as :teach
:ws ::student
:wb :clean
:cake ::gossips
:feeder :lol3
:bread :hbd
:piza :builder
:ic :revolving
:brb :laugh
:run :talking
:firing :meet
:jhoola :choosni
:tc :cool
:ma :cold
:clap2 :music
:race :blush
:bye :w8
:thanks :makup
:sorry :hifive
:P2 :nod
:love :hear
haha :timi
:hugs :cwl
:yahoo :dtm
:party :slap3
:imissu :nazar
:whistle :red
::pd :ok
:rain :phone
:cat :dog
:nhi :rickshaw
:bhangra :eid
:smoke :chick
:fish bye
:amazing :ao
:mg :kiss2
:promis :hoho
:maur :1c
:drink :rules
:clap :music2
:music3 :goom
:talking2 :hoo
:slap2 :slap1
:slap TiGeR
:hang :fight2
:wc :chappal
:oye :icecream
:good 😛
:lol <3
:yawn :beet
:hug :kc
:no :sleep
:rofl :pak
:dance :bd
:monkey 😀
:gift :@

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